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Psychologists are aware that intelligence scores are somewhat subject to cultural influence and social opportunity, but some have still insisted that we cannot raise our IQ by much.

So it’s about time we reconsidered our ideas about the nature of intelligence as a trait that cannot be changed.

Undoubtedly, there may be some limits to the development of our intellectual skills.

The researchers used records of cognitive ability taken by the military to calculate the IQ of each individual in the study.

They found that IQ had increased by 3.7 points for every extra year of education received.

This particular use of IQ tests has caused one leader in the field of intelligence research, Robert Sternberg, to refer to IQ testing as “negative psychology” in a 2008 article.

Those who hang dearly onto the notion that IQ is fixed for life have managed to ignore decades of published research in the field of applied behavior analysis.

One recent pilot study showed that we can considerably raise standard IQ scores by training children in relational language skills tasks over a period of months.

Again, this finding challenges the idea that intelligence is fixed for life.

This is because the IQ scoring system takes into account the amount of improvement expected over time, and then discounts it.

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