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“They must allow a certain measure of hormone-driven irrationality and not assume that their parenting skills up to this point have been all for naught.”Continue the routine of asking your child “How was your day?” But don’t take it personally if your child continues to keep you in the dark about much of his school life.

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By the time kids are in 8th grade, they want their parents to treat them as if they are no longer children, Patton says.

Yet, they’re still in middle school and need to be given responsibility gradually.

Be on the lookout for drastic behavior changes that could indicate a more serious problem, such as toxic friendships or drugs, Parks says.

But be aware that most kids will not go this route.

“Parents must always remember that, the great majority of the time, when the middle school changes run their course, the child will generally revert back to the core values and upbringing which parents taught them,” he says.

Eighth grade can be frustrating for parents waiting for their child to do his homework without prodding.At school, most 8th graders are comfortable with middle school and relish being the oldest kids in the building.“They want us to recognize their ascent to being kings of the hill,” Patton says. Parents should give their 8th grader increasing responsibilities yet be ready to rein them back in when necessary.You can still see glimmers of your child, and you can glimpse the adult he is on his way to becoming.It’s a year of loosening the reins and watching, cautiously, as your child takes those first steps toward independence.As parents give their 8th grader more responsibility, they need to be on alert for inappropriate reactions to newfound freedom.

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