delonte west dating vivica fox - 18 year old guy dating a 15 year old

I'm 19 and I dated someone 11 years older than me.

18 year old guy dating a 15 year old-3

My question involves criminal law for the state of: I have a bit of a issue.

I found a boy who i really really like and we have alot in common. We started texting and talking on the phone and we can talk for hours. However, his birthday and mine are like a week separate so he will be 15 and i'll be 18 soon.

Oh they should be of legal age, so you're good there, but IMO it would probably be better if they were also no longer in high school. Just know that it isn't a big deal, especially considering your age difference and the the results are commonly relative. You may feel weird because it's unusual from a social perspective.

It's not unheard of though, and like others have suggested, it's really about maturity.

He was the perfect boy until he lied about his age. We want to meet up this week but i am worried, is this illegal?

If it matters we live in Michigan and the AOC is 16.

Old enough to be mature, stable and established in career, but young enough to still be fun and full of energy! I've dated 18-19 year old girls and there's nothing wrong with it.

Biggest thing is the maturity, most were completely obscure doing who knows what in their own world, NO THANK YOU!! My current girlfriend was 18 when we started dating (I was 25), and we've been together for 9 months now, she's 19, I'm 26 now. That's a broad generalization, and sure there are going to be couples with that sort of age gap who work out, but I personally find it unsettling.

In the last few years (I'm 32), I've dated women aged 20 - 35.

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