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In fact, the rate of recruitment and the activation velocity in motor units increases by applying higher loads and faster contractions (Berning, Coker & Adams, 2004).

In addition to physiological factors, the maximal strength that an athlete can produce also depends on biomechanical characteristics of motion such as leverage and the joint angle (Mc Curdy et al., 2008).

Despite the prevalence of theories about accommodation resistance training, only a few experimental studies have been conducted on this type of training (Berning, Coker & Adams, 2004; Ghigiarelli et al., 2009).

Therefore, this study evaluated the efficacy of chain accommodation resistance training on enhancing trained athlete’s muscle strength and power.

This study was approved by the University of Kharazmi Human Subjects Committee (approval #: 3RT-0073).

Variable resistance training offers variable resistance throughout the entire range of motion (ROM) during exercise, whereas, constant resistance is a more traditional training protocol that demands unvarying resistance on the muscles and joints during an exercise routine.

Chain accommodation training, a variable resistance technique, is becoming more popular among athletes as a possible alternative to traditional training methods.

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Nevertheless, chain accommodation resistance training should be further explored as a means to enhance an athlete’s strength and power.

Previous research suggests that chain accommodation training has been more effective than conventional free weight training at increasing strength and power (Berning, Coker & Adams, 2004; Ebben & Jensen, 2002; Simmons, 1996).

Accommodation resistance is a training technique that may improve strength and power gains beyond those achieved by traditional free weights.

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