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Owen has agreed to the administrative forfeiture of approximately $94,000, which were seized from him and were proceeds of the frauds.

Owen faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in Federal prison for each of the 12 counts of conspiracy, extortion, and mail fraud.

DCI Home Administrative Support/Transcription Unit AFIS/Fingerprint Unit Criminal History Dissemination Unit Records & Identification Unit Sex Offender Registry Unit ________________ DPS Main Page Iowa Death Investigator's Association Netsmartz (Internet Safety Education) Crime Lab Reports Evidence Prelog Fingerprint Card & Final Disposition Report Procedures Manual The Criminal History Record Dissemination Unit provides several options for requesting Iowa criminal history record information including mail, fax or in person requests, as well as a website that will provide Iowa criminal history record information that is releasable by law without a waiver from the subject of the request, pursuant to Chapter 692.2 of the Code of Iowa.

However, if you are able to obtain a signed waiver from the subject of your request, we recommend you utilize the forms below as you will receive complete Iowa criminal history record information.

Owen’s conspirators called elderly victims and falsely represented that they were with the Publisher’s Clearinghouse™ lottery, informing the victims that they had won the lottery for millions of dollars.

The callers then induced the victims to provide financial information and to send large cashier’s checks to the Florida company, falsely claiming that advance taxes had to be paid in order to collect the full amount of the alleged lottery winnings.

They further threatened the victims that if they failed to pay these obligations the victims or their family members would face arrest, prosecution, or other legal consequences.

Corrigan and Owen then instructed the victims to deposit cash or cash equivalent, such as a wire transfer or cashier’s check, into specified bank accounts belonging to the straw-account owners, and to mail or fax deposit receipts to the IRS or to a specified fax number.

The fee for an Iowa Criminal History Record Check through the DCI is per last name.

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