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Vincent does a real service for readers who need quick access to "the good stuff." The result is an inspirational book that gently reminds us how much we have always known deep inside. In our modern pluralistic world, the barriers imposed by the old doctrine of religious exclusivity are confronted every day by individuals, families, and nations.Now more than ever, the inspirational message of God's Universal and eternal love for all humanity needs to be retold.He is a member of the Alister Hardy Society for the Study of Spiritual Experience and the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS). Vincent served as a founding Board member of the Christian Universalist Association and is the former webmaster of The Universalist Herald website.

This easy-to-read introduction highlights the parallels between Zoroaster and both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament and shows the use of Zoroastrian imagery in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Vincent received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado in 1973.

An appendix includes an English translation of the complete hymns of Zoroaster. He is currently retired from teaching Psychology and the Psychology of Religious Experience at Houston Community College.

CHAPTER 5: Religious Experience of Jesus Compatible with Modern Research - Dr.

Vincent documents how the Jesus Seminar used modern scholarship to separate the mythology from the reality regarding Jesus and how Jesus' mystical experiences were no different from modern mystical experiences, except in degree, thereby showing a continuity of religious experience from Jesus' time to the present.

This online book is entitled God Is With Us: What Near-Death and Other Spiritually Transformative Experiences Teach Us About God and Afterlife.

Correspondence regarding this online book should be sent to: FOREWORD: Webmaster Kevin Williams introduces the author of this online book, Dr. Vincent, and gives reasons why this important work should be read and understood by people from all backgrounds and religious preference.CHAPTER 1: The Search for God and Afterlife in the Age of Science - Near-death experiences and other transpersonal experiences point to the existence and nature of God and ongoing personal consciousness following physical death.In this article, the history of these experiences are reviewed prior to 1850 and of their study during three periods of scientific research between 1850 and the present.By reacquainting readers with the God who is too good to condemn anyone to Eternal Hell, this book offers a Biblical interpretation present in Christianity from the earliest Jesus-Followers to the 21st Century.Do you know why Zoroastrian priests are on your Christmas cards? Ken Vincent shines light on a topic previously known mainly to scholars; he provides the layperson searching for Christian origins an extremely readable but thorough exploration of a religion which predates Christianity by hundreds of years.In his book The Magi: From Zoroaster to the Three Wise Men, he compares the religion of the Magi (Zoroastrianism) to Christianity and shows the parallels of Universal Restoration in both faiths.

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