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depends which girl you refer to belly dancing, a number of girls have done or do similar things and have done for some time.

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Suzanne is an erotic industry professional, she has no inhibitions, has no problem appearing nude, and does very well its job that is to show off her body. No "normal" girl will never accept to do what did yesterday Suzanne. It is true that there are also professional women young and beautiful, though most are young and beautiful more they cost, and ETV now cannot support large expenses.

well...crossfade images vaporous filters on cam cottony softness= Veni sign the 4 hours instead of the 5 hours planned should be followed by the asking for the refund of credits by the customers. As far as tv-making (camera/(live-)editing) goes they're making basic mistakes for years now. When there is movement in front of the cam, you keep it steady to keep the balance: they go along with that movement creating chaos. Don't cut away in movement (from the girls or the camera) because the viewer wants to know how the action ends.

We see the girls in the show, what they do outside of the show is their private business, and non of ours.

Dear friends, the price to pay just to see the show without requests seems exaggerated, it's almost 8 €.

Only with real slow movement you can get away with it. Viewers just don't like that and technically it's really hard to do and you get unsteady cam-work. Take over with another cam or just let her move with a steady cam.

Switching back and front from one cam to the other is also better because it makes for more pace and a fresher viewing experience. Please send your advice to the LOUNGE making it clear you are offering professional constructive feedback, they may ignore you, they may react defensively, but they may also on some level take on board some or all of your excellent comments.

Feel free to ask for your 6 hours test account for mag250/254 , smarttv , vlc , enigma2 and other avialable devices You may contact us instantly in chatbox ( english speaking ) You can send your mac address and get instant test account in chatbox .

You can register in 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months periods . * make sure about your network health and connection speed.

In the last part of the show came Angelina to read viewers' requests and to instruct Suzanne about how to fulfill them.

This indicates that Suzanne is not a student, doesn't know the languages and is not there to talk to the viewers. Unfortunately, this kind of shows cannot be achieved by girls next door.

So have I pity on them I say F""k them stupid management team.

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