An error occurred while updating disk read error

cmtrace.32 can be found on the SCCM site server, under “” class=”table table-bordered” ai=”1″ width=”400″ colwidth=”150|50|300″ colalign=”left”]Signed Integer Error Code, Unsigned Integer Error Code, Hexadecimal Error Code , Description/Meaning0,0,0×00000000, Success -1,4294967295,0x FFFFFFFF, Script execution failed with error code -1 10,10,0x0000000A, Unit test error string 131072512,131072512,0x07D00200, The client is successfully assigned with Group Policy Site Assignment 131073314,131073314,0x07D00522, No more data 131073589,131073589,0x07D00635, Scan was skipped because history was valid -2016278002,2278689294,0x87D20A0E, Shutdown received while compressing -2016278003,2278689293,0x87D20A0D, Unexpected error while compressing -2016278004,2278689292,0x87D20A0C, Already compressed -2016278005,2278689291,0x87D20A0B, Failed to create file header while compressing -2016278006,2278689290,0x87D20A0A, Failed to create file while compressing -2016278007,2278689289,0x87D20A09, Failed to create folder while compressing -2016278008,2278689288,0x87D20A08, Invalid compressed header in file -2016278009,2278689287,0x87D20A07, Invalid compressed file -2016278010,2278689286,0x87D20A06, Failed to compress header -2016278011,2278689285,0x87D20A05, File is no more there to compress -2016278012,2278689284,0x87D20A04, Invalid destination for compression -2016278013,2278689283,0x87D20A03, Invalid source for compression -2016278014,2278689282,0x87D20A02, Compression destination not found -2016278015,2278689281,0x87D20A01, Compression source not found -2016278267,2278689029,0x87D20905, SEDO lock request timed out -2016278268,2278689028,0x87D20904, SEDO lock not found -2016278269,2278689027,0x87D20903, Invalid object path for SEDO -2016278270,2278689026,0x87D20902, SEDO request ID not found -2016278271,2278689025,0x87D20901, SEDO needs lock ID or Rel path -2016278518,2278688778,0x87D2080A, Certificate not found -2016278519,2278688777,0x87D20809, Invalid data in certificate -2016278520,2278688776,0x87D20808, Failed to find certificate -2016278521,2278688775,0x87D20807, Failed to decrypt certificate -2016278522,2278688774,0x87D20806, Failed to delete certificate store -2016278523,2278688773,0x87D20805, Failed to write in certificate store -2016278524,2278688772,0x87D20804, Failed to open certificate store -2016278525,2278688771,0x87D20803, Error reading peer’s encoded certificate -2016278526,2278688770,0x87D20802, Error reading certificate -2016278527,2278688769,0x87D20801, Service Host Name property is either missing or invalid -2016278776,2278688520,0x87D20708, The specified item to update is not found in Site Control File -2016278777,2278688519,0x87D20707, Invalid FQDN found in Site Control File -2016278778,2278688518,0x87D20706, Legacy type item in Site Control File -2016278779,2278688517,0x87D20705, Site not found in Site Control File -2016278780,2278688516,0x87D20704, Bad data in Site Control File -2016278781,2278688515,0x87D20703, Item type not known in Site Control File -2016278782,2278688514,0x87D20702, Item not found in Site Control File -2016278783,2278688513,0x87D20701, Unknown property in Site Control File -2016279006,2278688290,0x87D20622, SRS datasource has been modified or deleted -2016279007,2278688289,0x87D20621, SRS root folder is not present -2016279008,2278688288,0x87D20620, SRS is not installed or not properly configured -2016279019,2278688277,0x87D20615, SRS web service is not running -2016279278,2278688018,0x87D20512, Machine is not assigned to this site -2016279279,2278688017,0x87D20511, Machine is not an SMS client -2016279280,2278688016,0x87D20510, Machine not found foreign key constraint -2016279529,2278687767,0x87D20417, Auto Deployment Rule download failed -2016279530,2278687766,0x87D20416, No rule filters specifed for the Auto Deployment Rule -2016279531,2278687765,0x87D20415, Auto Deployment Rule results exceeded maximum number of updates -2016279532,2278687764,0x87D20414, Cannot Configure WU/MU as upstream server on Peer Primary -2016279533,2278687763,0x87D20413, Active SUP not selected -2016279537,2278687759,0x87D2040F, WSUS Server component failure -2016279538,2278687758,0x87D2040E, WSUS Server Database connection failure -2016279539,2278687757,0x87D2040D, Failed to set Parent WSUS Configuration on the child sites -2016279540,2278687756,0x87D2040C, WSUS server not ready -2016279797,2278687499,0x87D2030B, Device Setting Item not found Foreign Key Constraint -2016280054,2278687242,0x87D2020A, SDM Type not found Foreign Key Constraint -2016280055,2278687241,0x87D20209, Related SDM Package not found Foreign Key Constraint -2016280056,2278687240,0x87D20208, SDM Package not found Foreign Key Constraint -2016280057,2278687239,0x87D20207, SDM Type not found Foreign Key Constraint -2016280058,2278687238,0x87D20206, EULA not found Foreign Key Constraint -2016280059,2278687237,0x87D20205, Update Source not found Foreign Key Constraint -2016280060,2278687236,0x87D20204, CI Type not found Foreign Key Constraint -2016280061,2278687235,0x87D20203, Category not found Foreign Key Constraint -2016280062,2278687234,0x87D20202, Configuration Item not found Foreign Key Constraint -2016280063,2278687233,0x87D20201, Operation on Old Configuration Item when a newer instance exits in the Database -2016280319,2278686977,0x87D20101, Collection not found foriegn key constraint -2016280528,2278686768,0x87D20030, Error while creating inbox -2016280544,2278686752,0x87D20020, Thread is signaled to be stopped -2016280557,2278686739,0x87D20013, Registry write error -2016280558,2278686738,0x87D20012, Registry read error -2016280559,2278686737,0x87D20011, Registry connection error -2016280568,2278686728,0x87D20008, SQL send batch error -2016280569,2278686727,0x87D20007, SQL queue row error -2016280570,2278686726,0x87D20006, SQL table binding error -2016280571,2278686725,0x87D20005, SQL deadlock error -2016280572,2278686724,0x87D20004, SQL error while registering type -2016280573,2278686723,0x87D20003, SQl Error -2016280574,2278686722,0x87D20002, SQL connection error -2016280575,2278686721,0x87D20001, Invalid data -2016281107,2278686189,0x87D1FDED, Unsupported setting discovery source -2016281108,2278686188,0x87D1FDEC, Referenced setting not found in CI -2016281109,2278686187,0x87D1FDEB, Data type conversion failed -2016281110,2278686186,0x87D1FDEA, Invalid parameter to CIM setting -2016281111,2278686185,0x87D1FDE9, Not applicable for this device -2016281112,2278686184,0x87D1FDE8, Remediation failed -2016341109,2278626187,0x87D1138B,i OS device has returned an error -2016341110,2278626186,0x87D1138A,i OS device has rejected the command due to incorrect format -2016341111,2278626185,0x87D11389,i OS device has returned an unexpected Idle status -2016341112,2278626184,0x87D11388,i OS device is currently busy -2016344008,2278623288,0x87D10838,(1404): Certificate access denied -2016344009,2278623287,0x87D10837,(1403): Certificate not found -2016344010,2278623286,0x87D10836, DCMO(1402): The Operation failed -2016344011,2278623285,0x87D10835, DCMO(1401): User chose not to accept the operation when prompted -2016344012,2278623284,0x87D10834, DCMO(1400): Client error -2016344108,2278623188,0x87D107D4, DCMO(1204): Device Capability is disabled and User is allowed to re-enable it -2016344109,2278623187,0x87D107D3, DCMO(1203): Device Capability is disabled and User is not allowed to re-enable it -2016344110,2278623186,0x87D107D2, DCMO(1202): Enable operation is performed successfully but the Device Capability is currently detached -2016344111,2278623185,0x87D107D1, DCMO(1201): Enable operation is performed successfully and the Device Capability is currently attached -2016344112,2278623184,0x87D107D0, DCMO(1200): Operation is performed successfully -2016344197,2278623099,0x87D1077B, Operation not implemented on client -2016344198,2278623098,0x87D1077A, The package is an invalid upgrade -2016344199,2278623097,0x87D10779, Target location of package is not accessible -2016344200,2278623096,0x87D10778, Installer is busy doing some other operation -2016344201,2278623095,0x87D10777, Indicates that network failure aborted the operation -2016344202,2278623094,0x87D10776, The package has no rights to perform the operation -2016344203,2278623093,0x87D10775, Install/Uninstall Unknown error -2016344204,2278623092,0x87D10774, Mandatory file is in use and prevents the operation -2016344205,2278623091,0x87D10773, Package cannot be installed due to missing dependency -2016344206,2278623090,0x87D10772, Package cannot be installed due to security error -2016344207,2278623089,0x87D10771, Package validation failed.-2016344208,2278623088,0x87D10770, Installation of the package is not supported -2016344209,2278623087,0x87D1076F, Insufficient free memory in the drive to perform the operation -2016344210,2278623086,0x87D1076E, File is corrupted -2016344211,2278623085,0x87D1076D, User cancelled the operation -2016344212,2278623084,0x87D1076C, Application was successfully installed -2016344512,2278622784,0x87D10640, An invalid OMA download descriptor received -2016344593,2278622703,0x87D105EF, Maximum number of http redirections has reached.-2016344594,2278622702,0x87D105EE, Non-download specific error -2016344595,2278622701,0x87D105ED, Internal error occurred. -2016344596,2278622700,0x87D105EC, Error occurred in the transaction -2016344597,2278622699,0x87D105EB, General storage error -2016344598,2278622698,0x87D105EA, Not enough disk space for the content -2016344599,2278622697,0x87D105E9, Moving content file failed -2016344600,2278622696,0x87D105E8, Invalid download drive -2016344601,2278622695,0x87D105E7, File not found error -2016344602,2278622694,0x87D105E6, File write failed -2016344603,2278622693,0x87D105E5, Media where the download is being persisted removed -2016344604,2278622692,0x87D105E4, Download Manager cannot handle this URL -2016344605,2278622691,0x87D105E3, Error in destination filename -2016344606,2278622690,0x87D105E2, Destination file cannot be opened/created -2016344607,2278622689,0x87D105E1, Unhandled HTTP error code -2016344608,2278622688,0x87D105E0,404: object not found -2016344609,2278622687,0x87D105DF,412: partial content cannot be downloaded -2016344610,2278622686,0x87D105DE, Paused content is expired -2016344611,2278622685,0x87D105DD, Resuming progressive download failed -2016344711,2278622585,0x87D10579, Connection failed.

-2016345610,2278621686,0x87D101F6, Syncml: The recipient while acting as a gateway or proxy received an invalid response from the upstream recipient it accessed in attempting to fulfill the request.

-2016345611,2278621685,0x87D101F5, Syncml: The recipient does not support the command required to fulfill the request.

Config Mgr SCCM Troubleshooting Intune Error Codes are helpful to understand the real world issues.

Lab – System Center 2012 Configuration Manager – CMTrace – Rob Marshall merge log file – Jörgen Nilsson Through the following blog post, we can find some hidden features of SCCM / SMS log reader tools called trace32.exe, Config Mgr Dog post explains about additional features available, like the error lookup (CTL L) – The Error Lookup tool will return descriptions of cryptic error codes from and Merge selected files feature !!!

We all are familiar with the tool trace32.exe, however, it won’t work with CM 2012 properly log files.

More details below Config Mgr SCCM Troubleshooting Intune Error Codes.-2016345600,2278621696,0x87D10200, Syncml: An application error occurred during the synchronization session.-2016345601,2278621695,0x87D101FF, Syncml: A severe error occurred in the server while processing the request.-2016345692,2278621604,0x87D101A4, Syncml: The recipient has no more storage space for the remaining synchronization data.-2016345693,2278621603,0x87D101A3, Syncml: The client request created a conflict which was resolved by the server command winning.Excellent posts from Config Mgr MVPs (Rob Marshall and Jörgen Nilsson).

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