Are tessa virtue scott moir dating

2010 Olympic gold medallists and world champions Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have skated together since she was eight years old and he was 10.In early October, Virtue had surgery on her legs to reduce the pain and pressure associated with chronic exertional compartment syndrome, so the pair will not compete in Skate Canada.

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There are websites full of comments like, “They need to get married and have babies,” and you’re not even dating.

TV: [laughs] We don’t read that stuff, to start with. Hopefully that means people are buying into what we do in our programs. Q: TV: I think everything we do, whether in front of a camera or not, is genuine.

It’s great to go back because I’m just Scott there, not special, but you can see we have had an influence.

It’s exciting for me as a male to see other guys wanting to be ice dancers. There are always people that don’t understand it who are going to criticize you.

Scott Moir: She’s done a really good job, obviously, skating through the pain. If judges thought she was fighting pain, they might watch for that. We wanted to win the Olympics, and we thought we could do it without letting on about the pain.

Q: SM: We love to compete, and I feel like national champion is a title I want to get every year, so to see it going to another team is going to hurt. If we can compete pain-free, we’ll be in way better shape anyway.Now we have to protect ourselves first, be a little more cautious.I recently saw a picture of us at the Vancouver medal ceremony, and my mom asked, “Do you feel like the same person?Luckily I had really good friends who always appreciated what I did.I was also on the ice playing hockey, and I was fast and good, and that helped. I want people to like me and, if there’s any doubt, I sort of worry.TV: Basically, only last time they opened the anterior compartment, the shins, and this time they did the posterior compartment [the calves].

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