Articles on online dating scams

Girls or ladies are equally involved in such online dating scams.

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They may use the tricks like they are working in a foreign country and won’t really be able to come and meet you.

Sometime they may also show you a fake flight ticket they booked just to meet you but had to cancel because of some urgent work or health issue.

Check every detail properly, like their workplace, their family etc.

Scammers usually try to lure you with their wealth, thereby uploading the pictures with a huge house and lavish cars etc.

Scammers play strong emotions- To be straight, you have to be cleverer than the scammer to identify him/her.

Such people express strong emotions to you soon after you start chatting with them.Also, check if those pictures are available anywhere else on the internet.Download their profile image or any other pictures uploaded and use Google reverse image search.While the social networking websites like Facebook and Instagram also play an important role in dating online, but there are specific dating websites too.The number of such websites is actually increasing day by day and so are increasing the dating scams.They will take extra care of you and may also get possessive about you in just a few days.

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