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Often times the Soviet sniper allowed the advance to pass by his concealed position in order to bring fire upon the officers directing the attack from the rear.When operating in these groups it was not uncommon for the observer or other team members to be armed with a sub- machine-gun to provide close quarters support should they be detected.

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The Soviet Union took the task of telescopically aimed riflemen very seriously early on.

The use of snipers to “tie down” enemy troop concentrations was not lost on the Soviets in their brief experiences in the First World War.

The primary source of fine optics in that day was Germany.

So orders were placed for several different optical sights from makers such as Zeiss, Busch, Hensoldt and Voightlander to name a few.

This style of scope and mount was known as the Dynamo 2.

This system used a large thumb screw that was attached to the base by use of a small chain attached to the front of the mount and to the thumb screw itself so it would not be lost.

He served as the eyes and ears as well as the unseen soldier that bogged down and created fear amongst the enemy. Whether it is for scouting or the elimination of key enemy personal in preparation of an attack or in defense, the sniper was always involved.

In a defensive position, as the Soviets found themselves so often in the early portion of Operation Barbarosa, the sniper served as an observer to enemy movements.

You will notice that they are listed under "Open-Source Applications", and still are hosted on Code Plex.

Hosting your application on Code Plex is really the only way get it considered for inclusion for the time being. That is by far the best place in my opinion to post dot net related code. You will need to decide what licence to release the code under. Click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helped you.

Initial experimentation began by mounting commercial scopes then military contracted optics upon the m/91 Dragoon.

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