Average dating time before proposing

But that title has a risk attached to it (and thanks to “horror stories”, the news, movies, media, etc.

I’m just sharing how many guys think about marriage.) Plus, for the guy it’s not like he’s not getting love or sex beforehand.

I’ve always felt that if the relationship is working well and both people are happy, marriage is just a title.

Thus, it’s not fair that men get five more years of “play time” than women do. Please show me the person forcing these 26 year-old women at gunpoint to get pregnant and have babies. Once again, like many women (and left-wingers) you’re bitching about a problem you, and people like you created. I showed very clearly in my book that the odds of this actually occurring with older men fathering children is well below The 2% Rule.

While you’re at it, please also show me the person forcing all these women to date, marry, and have kids with men who are older than them, rather than men their own age or men who are younger. As I’ve been telling women for many years: you wanted this crap, now have fun dealing with the fallout. Yes, men’s fertility does decrease a little as men age, but men don’t know, don’t care, and with today’s science, it doesn’t matter anyway.

Data from OKCupid shows that men prefer women age 20-22 no matter how old the men get, even all the way into their 50’s.

By contrast, women of all ages tend to like men closer to their age.

If you feel I am not accurately representing the points it’s trying to make (and I will do my best to do so), then simply click the link above and read the article for yourself. It’s not fair to women that the average man settles down 2.3 years (or more) after the average woman does. So what you’re saying is that women are to date/marry/fuck/have kids with men who are older than them. I realize most women are not going to take that advice (hell, most men don’t take that advice), but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. The real divorce rate in the Western world for people who get married now is around 70%, sweetheart, and the younger the person, the higher that number becomes. I don’t like this any more than you do (well, I do sort of like it because it creates less competition for me for younger, hotter women), but at least I’m not the cause of this problem like you are. The few men who do know about this really stress about this a lot.

The average age of new mothers is 26, but the average age of new fathers is 31. The reasons for this childification of men are all due to left-wing social mores such as socialism, third wave feminism, man bashing, divorce rape, the welfare state, and increased size and role of government, all things that I have a very strong feeling you support, and that I have vehemently opposed my entire life. Whenever I tell men to not have kids until you’re at least 40 and have accomplished your big goals, I always get irrational nitpickers who scream their heads off about “birth defects” and crap like that.

I’m also thinking of just getting him a ring at this point just to move this thing along!

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