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When Ji-An's father told her, under the tree, to give herself another chance, and when he also told Do-Kyung to wait forever if he meant he loved Ji-An, I believed a "happy ending" was all the more possible. Love that DK had a chance to talk to JA's dad and receiving good advice. I was glad when he left the CEO position he seemed to have a decent place to live. But that would be an American ending, this is a Korean drama. He goes off to Spain and she works going into the office for a year. Salavation army kettle, volunteering at the orphanage and helping the elderly who live alone. Finished with strong rating and each actors deserved a round of applause for making the drama Unforgettable.

While everyone else grew and enjoyed the fruits of their labors, the only person who was left emotionally unresolved was Ji-An. They also made it clear the family would be fine with the union and grandpa no longer rules the roost. Thank you also, to the crew, the staff and KBS studio for making such a heartwarming drama.

For now, though, we are left to imagine Ji-An eventually lets her guard down and finds it possible to freely and unguardedly love Do-Kyung again. I have not seen anything quite like this in American television during my lifetime. I was waiting the entire weekend thinking that there will be ep 53&54 as final episodes... You have been very consistent in every way...thank you! There are so many ways the drama could have ended - depending on each viewer's perspective of who was right or wrong, what should he/she do, all opinions being coloured by their own life experiences and beliefs.

I only wish such a reasonably happy ending could have been revealed on the screen and Ji-An's emotional journey could have found some meaningful peace and happiness in a visible way we could have shared with her, at this closing chapter. I want to see more from these writers, from this ensemble. What a touching show , I really enjoyed it wish it would have lasted longer . Excellent casting , wasn’t sure at first where it was going but very happy with the ending . This being so, the writer could never have written a perfect ending.

He finally became his own person, followed his passion, reformed the family business, and righted as much as he could, while becoming a better person in the end, realizing he had to take Ji-An's wishes into consideration and not exerting ownership over her. i miss my golden lifee especially ji an and DK uuuuuugh T T Writernim u should have given me closure..i cant really move on....

Ji-An also grew, in some ways, but more into herself, her studies, and not even as much into the wood she was so passionate about as Do-Kyung became, with his love of wood -- and business built on wood -- was inspired by her. I like the ending, its so mature, and simple, typically these type of ending gets the best out of you, makes your imagination go crazy.. DK gave up his position in HS,moved out and became his own man. He was looking out for JA whom he loved and hurt deeply. Thank you KBS and a big applause to the writer who took us through a roller coaster of emotions through these 52 episodes. still best drama ever..i will be game for MGL 2 just too see the happily ever after Peter, his money was earned though hard work at HC.

still cannot understand the high ratings to me these epi are no more than 5 to 8% what 30% is this a big joke or maybe im reading some other drama ratings anyway too much useless comedy and nothing about the storyline thats why im quiting oh well hope my next drama is a better one We have come a long way...... Overall, it was a great drama and I am glad I watched it. I just saw the last episode (52), and I did enjoy most of this drama.

There's plenty of better written dranas with better story lines then showing greed and deseption. regretfully but i have to dump this drama by epi 13 i cant believe the writer hasnt start the drama yet when is he planned to do it by epi 20 or 30? He needed to "meet someone who could appreciate him" for who he was instead of trying to change him.Hope you had a great time in Guam, and maybe we will meet again in a future drama. My less than golden life needed a fairy tale ending, and didn’t get it.We have way too many unhappy endings in this world, so a good love story, a Hallmark card ending, I eagerly awaited.Seeing that figurine made me wish she had, at the end, not be left standing at a cold distance, physically and mentally from Do-Kyung, but rather closer, at his side -- as his equal, as her father stated to Do-Kyung, and walking down a road together.I believed the story, the characters, and the fans of this drama deserved at least that much. The ending wasn't near as bad as they led me to believe.

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