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As the story has it, this is a place where mermaids sing, beauties tell tales, beasts roar and elephants fly.

A secondary route will use I-35 southbound to the 27th Street exit.

To detour into KCK drivers can use the Central Avenue exit from I-670 westbound.

The true genius of the site, however, is found in its fluid navigation that recalls the gentle motion of a lake.

Dating Brazilian women is like dancing Samba after three Caipirinhas. She is the most beautiful woman you have ever been with and waking up next to her naked body makes you want to cry tears of joy.

Those looking to get around the closures have a variety of options.

The main detour route will take I-35 northbound to Interstate 670 westbound.A second lane will be added to the Third and James Street exit ramp from I-70 and temporary signals will be added to both intersections.Demolition of the viaduct is expected to begin in March, with construction following soon after.The closure will include all ramps on or off the interstate between the two points.The permanent closure will begin on Sunday and is not expected to reopen until Dec. KDOT will close westbound I-70 past Broadway Boulevard in Kansas City, MO, to Third Street.They say repair costs keep rising, prompting the major project.

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