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However, it’s important to note that this success is not simply related to great academics.

Nysmith students are leaders, collaborators, and team builders.

“Although easy to dismiss, I believe that the formative years I spent at Nysmith taught me about building friendships, appreciating different cultures and figuring out that education is more than just homework.

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I also enjoy dancing Kathak (a traditional Indian dance) as well as singing, both of which I have been involved in for 12 years.

After Nysmith, I had the privilege to attend Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and graduated in 2015!

In high school, I was able to explore my interest in STEM by serving as: I actively sought to make an impact in the community through my role as an elected representative of my school on the Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council, my work as a representative on the FCPS Student Human Rights Commission, and my presentations at STEM and leadership conferences.

In high school, I took Summer Chemistry after my freshman year so I could take AP Biology and AP Chemistry as a sophomore.

For them, learning was a means to an end, rather than a joy to be embraced.” “Nysmith taught me to follow my interests, no matter what they are…It also instilled in me some leadership qualities and I did not even realize it until high school!

It was the perfect and safe environment to learn, make mistakes, and take risks.” “Nysmith was very good at making me do things that I really did not want to do.

The lessons I learned and the friendships I formed at Nysmith extend well beyond the classroom, and I am thankful every day for how well Nysmith prepared me for the next steps in my academic journey.” Nysmith taught me how to think critically, study efficiently, and maintain a good work-life balance.

The teachers are all very passionate about working with the students, and the curriculum allows students to work to their full potential. I was definitely involved in a lot of leadership and service activities at Nysmith, as well as STEM!

Their character education classes consistently reinforced values of kindness, respect, and inclusivity, which have stayed with me to this day.” “Nysmith allowed me to create the best version of myself by constantly challenging myself and by also being surrounded by such passionate and innovative peers.

But most importantly, Nysmith taught me to be kind, respectful, and professional no matter the circumstance.

“ “At Nysmith, questions were encouraged and explored, even if they led down the “wrong” path, or weren’t directly related.

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