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I hope that parents watching are inspired to support their lesbian or gay child.” has none of the coded allusions of queer-baiting – Anissa and her mother even refer directly to her sexuality in a conversation about sex and relationships – but neither does being a lesbian define Anissa.

Lesbianism fits alongside Anissa’s loyalty to her family and her support of the community – it’s a part of who she is.

We first meet the Peirce family in the lobby of Freeland Police Department.

Jefferson Pierce, once the vigilante known as Black Lightning, has hung up his cape (more accurately: bodysuit, dark glasses, and voice modulator) to focus on caring for the children of Freeland – whether they are his own daughters, Anissa and Jennifer, or the students he oversees as Principal of the local high school.

offers a refreshing view of Black lesbian love, one that is not often shown in the mainstream.

Anissa’s sexuality is not fetishized, and her lesbian interactions are not performed for the male gaze.

When we see Anissa curled around Chenoa in bed, flirting and snuggling, there is nothing pornified about the scene.

It was, if anything, rather wholesome – for the first time, Anissa allows herself to be vulnerable.

I loved Netflix’s , because she showed that a woman can kick ass even as she’s carrying huge amounts of trauma, yet I felt frustrated that the female superheroes were almost invariably white – white, and with a male love interest (don’t get me started on the racial politics of her relationship with Luke Cage).

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