Brenda harvey richie dating

As per wiki, the couple adopted a baby girl named Nicole Camille Escovedo from Lionel's bandmate, Peter Michael Escovedo.

Though the pair isn't the biological parents of Nicole, the love and care for her was never less.

There was a time when Brenda felt that her husband Lionel was cheating on her with a mistress.

According to the LA Times in June 1988, Brenda was arrested for brutally hitting her husband and his mistress after she found them together in the Beverly Hills in an apartment.

Despite the fact that her parents are no more, she always remembers her father, Marshall Harvey and her mother on their birthday and shares their pictures on social networking sites wishing them on their birthday.

Apart from the love for her late parents, Brenda shares a cordial bond with her sibling, Stephen C Harvey.

The lady might have earned a whopping amount of salary from her musical expertise.

However, she is hesitant in sharing the details of her income which simultaneously creates difficulty in knowing the value of her net worth.

After spending more than 18 years with each other, they got divorced on August 9, 1993.

And the reason behind their divorce is said to be physical abuse and aggressive nature of Brenda which created dramatic chaos in their relationship.

On that night, we got to see more of the then 17-year-old who is now 19 and looking fine!

Miles is the first child of his father’s second marriage; he was born May 27, 1994.

Wanda Mc Farlane Wanda Mc Farlane is the long time wife of cartoonist, artist, writer, designer, and entrepreneur –Todd Mc Farlane, best known as the man behind the fantasy comic series, Spawn.

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