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Any quantity changes or list deletions will be subject to a £25 administration charge.A service charge is payable when you join PLUS and thereafter annually on the anniversary of joining.

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So it’s important that you stay up-to-date otherwise you’ll be following increasingly out of date guidelines.

But staying up-to-date can be a time-consuming task, particularly if you use a number of standards.

The BSI and FNN compliant device is ready for value-added services from the moment it leaves the factory.

Additional services can be loaded later as an app, which means they can be offered to end customers individually.

The following libraries hold full sets of British standards in either paper, CD-ROM or microfiche formats.

The names of public libraries are shown in italics. Standards are indispensable to manufacturing industry. Not only do they allow interchangeability or interoperability between different manufacturers products, but they also represent a distillation of...The end customer can visualise consumption over a HAN interface (Home Area Network) and take advantage of utility provider‘s variable electricity rates.Moreover, network operators can use the HAN_CLS (Controllable Local Services) interface to control consumers and feeders.This chapter lists common USA and British standards pertaining to valves, as published in the standard indexes of the various standard organizations for 2003. Note to BSI British Standards PLUS (Private List Updating Service) Customers: If you received your copy of your standard via the BSI PLUS service, you will automatically receive your replacement copy of this standard, incorporating the corrections, in the form of a corrigendum when it becomes available.The measuring point operator creates the conditions for attractive value-added services through the use of the smart meter gateway and its added-value service capability.

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