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For example, the local Park Academy primary school, where two-thirds of children do not have English as a first language, is among the best in the county and says it is ‘100 per cent happy’ with the migration situation.

In his prerecorded video message for the audience at Warsaw's National Opera house, in which he said 'As you know, Poland is a country I admire greatly' Mr Bedford says that the council has worked hard on its social impact report.

The leader of the opposition Labour group was appointed to chair the immigration inquiry in order to give it cross-party credibility.

But in 2004, Britain opened its doors to the new round of EU member nations, while, crucially, not implementing the labour restrictions imposed by other countries such as France and Germany.

The result was an influx of large numbers from Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, happy to be paid wages and accept living conditions well below the local norm.

The local police, for example, insist that migration has had no impact on the crime rate. A member of the arch-Eurosceptic English Democrats (a sort of UKIP for the English) and a local businessman, he has set up several business ventures with the newcomers and also owned Boston’s first Polish food shop. ‘They’ve built up to the rafters and there is no room.’In the end, there was a compromise of sorts.

He has been a gangmaster —recruiting local labour for seasonal agricultural work — and also owns various properties in the area which he rents out. Boston Borough Council promised a thorough inquiry into the social impact of immigration while the protesters scaled back their march to a ‘static demonstration’ which passed off without incident.

The Bombay Brasserie looks like Ye Olde Worlde tearoom in this company. Peter Bedford, leader of the Tory-controlled council, is proud that the town has the lowest number of empty shops in the East Midlands, while other high streets are the usual blend of blanked-out windows and ubiquitous national brands.

A Romanian shop stands next to a ‘Baltic foodstore’, which is next to an Eastern European beauty parlour, standing next to another ‘Baltic foodstore’. Tony Blair recently received an award for allowing so many Poles to come and work in Britain.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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