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However, unlike raw mode, special characters (interrupt, quit, suspend, and flow control) retain their effects on the tty driver and calling program.

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This usually happens when you're doing intensive calculations/iterations in the same thread as where the user interface elements are running.

The Label doesn't re-paint until you give the UI thread back to the message loop. Refresh, or better yet, try putting your lengthy operation in a background thread as other posters have suggested.

Resize the standard and current windows to the specified dimensions, and adjusts other bookkeeping data used by the curses library that record the window dimensions (in particular the SIGWINCH handler). The curses library does “line-breakout optimization” by looking for typeahead periodically while updating the screen.

If input is found, and it is coming from a tty, the current update is postponed until refresh or doupdate is called again, allowing faster response to commands typed in advance.

The , which always does the equivalent of return and line feed on the virtual screen).

With translation off, curses can sometimes speed up vertical motion a little; also, it will be able to detect the return key on input.

module provides an interface to the curses library, the de-facto standard for portable advanced terminal handling.

While curses is most widely used in the Unix environment, versions are available for DOS, OS/2, and possibly other systems as well.

The default value is 200 msec, or one fifth of a second.

Create and return a pointer to a new pad data structure with the given number of lines and columns. A pad is like a window, except that it is not restricted by the screen size, and is not necessarily associated with a particular part of the screen.

Save the current terminal mode as the “program” mode, the mode when the running program is using curses.

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