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Andrew delivered the news, but he knows that his dramatic and over the top sister will do anything to get her way. For more information please visit I've always been terribly afraid of my mother.

So I did not transition until after she passed away from lung cancer in 2006. which is somewhat late in life to transition, but better late than never!

In May 2015, I auditioned and was cast as Moderator of a TV talk show and we filmed a pilot called Transformative The Talk Show!

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Over the years I worked all over Chicago probably every gay bar and branched out to other States from the States near by to New York, California and Las Vegas, I've done TV, was on The Ricki Lake Show, The Tyra Banks Show and on E! I guess for me the entire reason why I began doing drag shows, it was my outlet to become excepted as a womand say there were Many that have transitioned before me and my reaction/thoughts were “I will NOT go in that direction!

” ha ha ha meaning they just had bad operations/or work done, they don't even look natural...

Angelique: Well, there is more awareness of “Trans Issues” in the World today, more stuff on TV and in the Magazines.

Whether you support their views or not, it's finally shinning a light on a community that has always been pushed to the side and kept in the dark.

Monika: Transgender ladies are subject to the terrible test whether they pass as a woman or they do not.

You are a lovely lady yourself but what advice you would give to ladies with the fear of not passing as a woman?

I've always admired and had a connection with Marilyn Monroe, so I thought Norma Jean would be appropriate until one Sunday night, doing a guest at the Baton a group of guys approached me after one of my numbers, and said "So I went home that night and I kept thinking about what she said and I wrote down Angel and the word "Unique", and came up with Angelique!

And by now you can probably figure around that Monica Munro became my drag mother and that's how I became a Munro!

After completing military service and returning to Nashville, Calpernia played fiddle with a Celtic band.

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