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Click here to view a document from a typical land lease record This is an example of a land lease application with some great info, age, where he came from, when he arrived in Upper Canada, and record of his military service. YEAR ========================================================= * - Denotes Land Lease Petition ABBE NATHANIEL ..

Not all petitions are such great finds, but you never know until you check them out...leave no stone unturned!

All clinical notes of Social worker and any other CAS workers 3. Request Your Records from the Salvation Army Grace Hospital in Toronto 4.

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Natural mothers can obtain a copy of the birth registration and adoption court order showing the adoptive name of the adoptee.

The following records are available for request in Ontario: 1.

Following are the particulars: Date of Birth: City of Birth: Hospital: Name of Mother: Name given to child at birth: Adopted Name of child (if known): Name of Adopted Parents: (if known) I am requesting the entire contents of the CAS file pertaining to this adoption including but not limited to the following: 1. Entire contents of file I will look forward to receiving these documents at your earliest convenience. Hospital Records Mothers can call the Medical Records department of the hospital in which the birth took place to obtain your hospital chart with respect to prenatal care, labour and delivery, birth, hospital stay, etc.

All legal and other documents including any third party documents 2. Persons adopted can also obtain their hospital chart with respect to their birth and post natal newborn care.

Each record in my index consists of the name of the petitioner (maiden names or additional petitioners may be in brackets), the location of the petitioner, and year of the petition.

The COMPLETE land lease record contains in most cases the land lease petition and possible supporting documents that may include valuable information about the petitioner and his or her family. The FREE online friend finder and dating community for men and women in Canada Registration is easy, and you can rate photos, search members by postal code and use the matchmaker tool to find your ideal match. The Free Canadian dating community for men and women in Canada.You can search profiles for free, send and receive email, instant message and search Canadian personals to meet hot guys and girls in our dating site. Registration is easy, short, takes minutes to finish, and best of all its absolutely FREE!Sons and daughters of Loyalists gave their father's name. Civilian petitioners sometimes indicated their country or place of origin. Adoption records opened for adoptees and natural parents in Ontario on June 1st, 2009.

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