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Toxic/Slo, how are your 96X1 sets doing since SP2 in January?

IPO, I hear that a patch or firmware upgrade is coming out later this month (3/18) and I hope that helps your issues. Regarding SP 3 we were told by AVAYA 3/11, but that day has come and gone.

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I am having a problem with 9608 phones that just lock up for no apparent reason.

However, if you do a group page over the speakers of the phones you can certainly lock up at least one per page access. Have been waiting on SP3In looking at all doc on the support site, the most significant developement for 2011 so far for the 9600 series is the option to use adhesive lables.

I like the price point of the 9608 but I can't find many positive threads about it. My biggest concern about going with an older 96XX series (non-96X1) is that I'm hearing from Avaya that the 96XX are going to be going up in price, harder to find, etc.

Do any of you have a 9600 series you would recommend? I take that with a grain of salt, of course, but if it ends up being legit that could be a problem for us.It's also a great time to meet other Presentation Guild members. POWERPOINT 2013 / POWERPOINT 15 / OFFICE 365 POWERPOINT 2010 POWERPOINT 2007 NEW STUFF / USEFUL STUFF Power Point News New Add-ins / Products / Sites Tricks, Tips, Problems, Fixes and Upgrades FIND MORE POWERPOINT HELP Power Point Help Online Power Point Help from Microsoft Power Point-Related Subjects - Help and Info TIPS, TECHNIQUES, TUTORIALS Tutorials Customizing Power Point Creating Presentations Drawing & Working with Shapes Working with Text Working with Charts and Graphs Working with Sound and Movies Distributing & Delivering Presentations Distributing in Other Formats Video Projectors and Dual Monitors Screen Shows Animation Making Acrobat PDFs from Power Point Importing and Converting Exporting Printing, Overheads, 35mm Slides, Pre-press WEBifying your Power Point Cross-platform Compatibility Cross-Version Compatibility Accessibility and Internationalization GENERAL INFO Misc. Office 2010 Click-to-Run New features in Power Point 2010 Microsoft Upload Center - what is it, why do I want it and what if I don't? Staying compatible with earlier versions of Power Point Effects of compatibility mode Migrating to Office 2007 - Guides for IT Professionals Why isn't the Insert Slide command on the Insert tab? The Power Point FAQ is presented by PPTools - Power Tools for Power Point.The Avaya one-X® Deskphone H.323 6.0 software is available with Communication Manager.The features include:- Intuitive User Interface - Superior Audio Quality - New design and display - Lower Power - Remote Worker Support through IPSec VPN connections Avaya one-X® Deskphone H.323 Release 6.0 is supported on 9608, 9611G, 9621G and 9641G deskphones only."Info from https://s New Avaya 96X1 Service Pack 2 - 1/21/2011Avaya one-X® Deskphone H.323 Release 6.0 SP2 is supported on the 9608, 9611G, 9621G and 9641G IP Deskphones only.RUN PROGRAM action settings don't work any longer Error message: The image part with relationship ID rld2 (or rld3) was not found in the file" I can no longer insert EPS graphics into Power Point Problems with Intelligent Services in Office 365 Problems with Power Point after updating to Windows 10 Power Point's not acting the way the instructions say it should Slide. Power Point Blogs, Podcasts, Columns and Newsfeeds Tools, Gadgets, Accessories Corporate branding and graphics standards Make sure your media Plays For Certain Power Point Add-in to delete selected content: Tag Erase Slide Into Word: A kinder, gentler Send To Word from Power Point MVP Bill Dilworth Prep4PDF: A Power Point to PDF Conversion Assistant Creating games in Power Point A Power Point Yellow Pages - Power Point-related products and services Free Sequential Save Add-in by Shyam Pillai Export shapes as graphics from Power Point 97 Video export your way Power Point 2010 presentation broadcasting fails Make sure that text fits slides, adding new slides as needed for "overflow" Power Point unexpectedly puts content into placeholders Links between slides don't work in Power Point HTML Power Point connects to the internet unexpectedly Copyright: can I use music, pictures, etc. Find the color of a pixel in an image Command Line Switches - Power Point and Power Point Viewers Power Point won't open my older Power Point presentations Guidelines for the Power Point Support Forums Please don't spam Search the web for Power Point help Power Point-Seiten auf Deutsch (Power Point Sites in German) Other Power Point-related sites Power Point for educators What are these Qxxxxx articles people keep mentioning? Make suggestions, report problems to Microsoft Microsoft Power Point 2002 (XP) Information Power Point Resources on Using the MS Knowledge Base (MSKB) Office and Power Point Service Packs I want to create a book in Power Point Can I use clip-art commercially?

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