Consolidating files logic

(With Parallels or Fusion, you can even run both at the same time!

) Check out the Mac Mini which runs Mega Seg perfectly for just 9.

We've reported this issue to Apple, and they will hopefully resolve the problem in a future system update.

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If you use 3rd-party peripherals such as MIDI controllers or external audio interfaces, you may also need to install new drivers or firmware updates for compatibility with the latest mac OS versions.

Note Mega Seg version 4.5.1 and older does not support OS X Lion 10.7 and newer.

This is a one time thing (every quarter) - I don't need the result to be updated if any of those 500 timecards change. Selected Items(lng Count), str Endof Path) str Filename = Right(. Selected Items(lng Count)) - str Endof Path) Next lng Count End With Set obj Fs = Create Object("Scripting. Get Folder(str File Path) 'Batch Import Set obj Fc = obj F.

I need a total of cell K5 from all those workbooks. Selected Items(lng Count), "\") str File Path = Left(.

(You can even install mac OS and Mega Seg on your backup and boot from it directly.) Sorry, not at this time.

Mega Seg’s stability and reliability builds off of mac OS (and its solid UNIX foundation).

I must be using bad keywords, as I can't believe Excel doesn't have such basic functionality.

(I did find some stuff if I had multiple worksheets in the same workbook - we would not be able to maintain all those time cards in the same file, and going through and opening all the workbooks at the same time would be very tedious - 500 double-clicks.) Thanks.

See more info if you need to downgrade mac OS and/or i Tunes.

Finally, as with any major system upgrade, it’s wise to proceed with caution if you use your system in a “mission critical” situation.

(Make sure you have the latest version of Mega Seg 6 by using the “Check For Updates” command in Mega Seg’s Help menu.) The latest Mega Seg 6 update includes a workaround that restores limited playback support for “Protected” DRM .m4p files, such as those used by the “Apple Music” monthly subscription service.

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