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In fact, it would be more problematic to your husband’s workplace if he to let the coworker participate in a Super Bowl pool that others were allowed to participate in.He can’t treat her worse than other coworkers just because of the history; that would be unprofessional and something a smart employer wouldn’t allow.She supposedly went to management, and supposedly they wrote him up and made him sign a letter saying that if I went to his work, called anyone, or emailed anyone at his work, he would be reprimanded.

The transmitted ‘ciphertext’ (the encrypted form of the message) was not seen by the German operators.

With the machine in ‘auto’ mode, many long messages could be sent one after another—the plaintext was fed into the teleprinter equipment on pre-punched paper tape and was encrypted and broadcast at high speed. A cipher clerk typed the plaintext at the keyboard of an Enigma machine while an assistant painstakingly noted down the letters of the ciphertext as they appeared one by one at the machine’s lamp-board.

A radio operator then transmitted the ciphertext in the form of Morse code.

Morse code was not used with Tunny: the output of the Tunny machine, encrypted teleprinter code, went directly to air.

The other carried the teleprinter equipment and two Tunny machines, one for sending and one for receiving.

This truck also carried a device for punching tapes for auto transmission.

The Tunny machine Tunny was one of three types of teleprinter cipher machine used by the Germans.

(The North American term for ‘teleprinter’ is ‘teletypewriter’.) At Bletchley Park (B. The Tunny machine, which measured 19" by 15½" by 17" high, was a cipher attachment.

Introduction Colossus, the first large-scale electronic computer, was used against the German system of teleprinter encryption known at Bletchley Park as ‘Tunny’.

Technologically more sophisticated than Enigma, Tunny carried the highest grade of intelligence.

International teleprinter code assigns a pattern of five pulses and pauses to each character.

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