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There's no doubt that a guy should go out of his way to impress you on the first date (and continue to wow you). But if some guy was shelling out close to 0 on me for our first date, I would think that he was just trying to be a show off and values money over love. Yet on the other end, if a dude isn't willing to wine and dine me properly, I'd think he was a cheap muhfucca and might skimp on other places in the relationship..the bedroom. But him spending more than on your first date doesn't necessarily mean he wants to wife you up. Nationally, men spend an average of on a first date.

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You may appreciate a man who doesn't spend his money recklessly and manages it in a responsible way.

However, one who takes it to the extreme of refusal to spend money on needed items and never pays for meals out is likely a cheap person.


As Lauren puts it: "My friend dated a man who claimed to have an eating disorder in order to avoid taking her out for dinner. "(And I thought been out with some cheapskates.)"But," Lauren continues, "a thrifty man can make a great partner. He's down-to-earth, and not terribly concerned about superficial things like the kind of car he drives or the size of his, ahem, flat-screen TV.

This indicates, to me, that most women want to be wined and dined during a courtship — so they don't like the idea of being introduced to a man who is tight with a dollar, and therefore might take them on a sub-par date.

WHY FRUGALITY IS UGLY IN A DATE BUT ATTRACTIVE IN A PARTNER However, e Harmony has some good news for frugal daters: They're more attractive when it comes to the long term.

There is a psychology to the way you choose to manage your finances, which stems from your "inner voice," states psychologist Bret Moore in his article "The Psychology of Finances" for Psychology Today.

There are a few signs and behaviors that might lead you to come to conclude that your man's "inner voice" is telling him to be cheap.

In the end, that's really what matters most." WHY I LIKE MEN WHO TAKE ME OUT — SAVE I agree with her about what's most important.

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