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The “football” allows the President to launch counter measures within five minutes of a notification of a nuclear strike.

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Dating a guy in the secret service

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An insider’s view from the Secret Service agents who were assigned to protect the President and their families.

Bush was extremely kind, considerate and always respectful towards Secret Service agents.

They took great care in making sure the agents’ comforts were taken care of and even brought them meals.

The President was also the most physically “in shape” and had a very strict workout regimen.

The Bushes made sure their entire administrative and household staff understood to respect and be considerate of the Secret Service.

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President Reagan was known to carry a fire arm and told a former agent that it was “just in case you guys can’t do your job, I can help out.” A former agent told Kessler that when Reagan travelled on his first presidential trip to the Soviet Union he had packed a gun in his briefcase.

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