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Talking about her a lot might not necessarily mean that he’s not over her. If he is talking about her a lot because there’s a practical concern that he needs to think about like childcare or custody arrangements, that’s one thing.But if you find that he is still doing a lot of emotional processing out loud with you about his ex and his divorce, and you’re starting to feel like his therapist, it could be a sign that he still has some healing to do (in which case he might really benefit from working with a professional counselor if he is really struggling emotionally).If he wants to move forward, as he says, he needs to not sleep with his ex and he needs to let her be responsible for her own emotional well-being. There are a number of factors that support relationship success.

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However it shows up, it shows up as a preoccupation with her and the past.

So, sleeping with his ex-wife within three months of meeting you is definitely a red flag that he hadn’t moved on.

In my response, I provide the tell-tale signs that he’s not over his ex-wife, how to tell whether he’s ready for a relationship with you, and how to know whether you should “stick it out” of run for the hills: He divorced his drug-taking wife of 14 years a year ago when she became violent and abusive to their two kids and him and when she refused to stop taking drugs and sleeping around.

But he then tried to win her back after the divorce and last slept with her within three months of meeting me. His children also have special needs and he comes from a really dysfunctional family. I would need to locate to his city, very far away in order for his kids to continue their education and keep their stability.

But it will take much longer if they are not coping with the loss in healthy ways or practicing healthy detachment after divorce.

The bottom line is: And that emotional charge can show up in different ways such as anger, attraction, nostalgia, etc.

because it will be extremely helpful to answering the question about whether you should stick it out or run for the hills.

Knowing whether he’s a good long-term fit and worth investing your time really depends on whether he is aligned with your life vision, and can meet your relationship needs and requirements.

as it goes deeper into how to gauge relationship readiness.

One of those readiness factors is that he is available—physically and emotionally—for a relationship with you, and that there are few, if any, glaring readiness issues that could interfere with the success of the relationship.

He talks about her a whole lot and says she wants him back but he wants to move forward and sees me as the next chapter. He is a recovering porn addict and no longer uses drugs. We get on SO well, have the same faith and interests. He’s worried I might regret leaving everything for him.

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