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Daily has also obtained a Facebook messenger exchange between Colbie Holderness and Porter's ex-girlfriend, where they discuss meeting for a drink –but there is no mention of alleged 'poisoning'.From the messages, it appears that the ex-girlfriend, who is also a government employee, reached out to Holderness for support with her own domestic abuse allegations. The following day, the ex-girlfriend messaged Holderness to apologize for leaving early because she felt ill.In the email, obtained by Daily, her name has been removed as she is an alleged victim of domestic violence and has requested anonymity.

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We have not spoken since.'The email to the FBI ends: 'I want to be sure that you were aware of these conversations because it seemed to me that Bryan, due to his close friendship with Rob, is aware of possible background issues and is actively working to quell them.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.'Details of the email come as it emerged that Porter told the White House last week before his resignation that Colbie's black eye, seen in photos released by Daily, was an 'accident'.

Skiffington Holderness declined to comment when contacted today by Daily Cunningham told him that 'Rob didn't know' he was reaching out to him or Porter's ex-girlfriend regarding the FBI background check.

Rob Porter's friend attempted to silence Porter's ex-wife Colbie Holderness, 37, into not talking about their 'abusive' marriage to the FBI, according to email sent by Colbie's new husband Skiffington Holderness to the FBI (pictured together)Cunningham began by asking Holderness if he knew Rob Porter's ex-girlfriend.

' one reporter asked him following a planned event to tout his infrastructure plans. Colbie Holderness's husband emailed the FBI in January 2017 after a close friend of her first husband, Rob Porter, came to him saying he was told that Colbie poisoned Porter's ex-girlfriend at a bar, Daily has learned.

In a Facebook messenger exchange between Colbie Holderness, 37, and Porter's ex-girlfriend, obtained by Dail, the two women discuss meeting for a drink – but there is no accusations of alleged 'poisoning' - only the ex's gratitude for Colbie support.

Amid fears that Porter's past could become Hicks' present, Conway declared on CNN's 'State of the Union' program: 'I don't worry about her in that respect.' 'In the case of Hope, I have rarely met somebody so strong with such excellent – excellent – instincts and loyalty and smarts,' she added.'I didn't have the presence of mind and the professional capabilities at her age that I see in her every single day.'Conway said Hicks had 'a great support system around her' including West Wing colleagues, along with a big advocate in the Oval Office'Hope is absolutely fantastic,' President Trump said Saturday through a spokesperson.'She was with the campaign from the beginning, and I could not ask for anything more.

Hope is smart, very talented and respected by all.' Trump declared Wednesday in the wake of the Porter crisis that he is 'totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind.''Everyone knows that,' Trump told reporters, 'and it almost wouldn't even have to be said.' But with support for Chief of Staff John Kelly waning inside the White House, Trump continued on Wednesday to miss easy opportunities to give the retired Marine Corps general his public backing.'Did your staff handle the [Rob] Porter allegations properly? The president sat stone-faced, uttering an occasional 'thank you' while his press aides shooed journalists and cameramen out of the Cabinet Room.

Before the call ended, I mentioned to him that from time to time people approach Colbie or me and ask questions about her previous marriage, having been told mistruths.'I asked that since we have been put in the awkward position of talking about this matter, whether Bryan could ask Rob to be truthful when discussing his past marriage.

Bryan said that Rob isn't lying; that women around town lie because they are 'crazy' and jealous.

Sources told ABC News this week that Porter said the couple had been arguing over a vase in their hotel room on a holiday in Italy in the early 2000s early on in their marriage when Holderness fell and got her black eye.

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