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I have trying to find out the approximate year it was manufactured and the value of the shotgun. Hi Ya'll, Tracked my old ex (sold it to my bro in-law) Citori was older then I had remembered. Odd thing is it a 143 which is not listed as a model. All I can find is the number 24669 under the release lever, when I took the barrel off, the same numbers are on the inside of all the levers and the barrel, I would like to find out more on the year and grade of this gun. This gun also has a screwon the front wood that I have not seen on any others and the screws are engraved as well. Louis & Montreal 68S over 783XX Light Twelve------------- St. I've seen listings for Belgium made Auto-5's (16 ga) for 0 and some for 1200-4000 and I can't see how they're different. I have a Browning 16ga serial number A7378 that is in excellent shape. Thanks, Bryan Please help me figure out the code on my Citori 20 gauge. I posted last night on the Clay Forum asking about finding the make and model of my Belgian O/U I purchased from a gun store in Texas. I had been shopping for at least a year and stubbled on this gun.

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One original magazine, no box or other accessories. Very little original finish left, trigger has some original fire blue left. Numbers match except the barrel has been forced numbered. Left side markings on the slide are partially obliterated. Very little of any original finish is left having turned to a mostly mottled patina with some fire bluing on the trigger.

There is a Wa A 140 Waffenampt on the left side of the frame under the slide stop. The grips are original and intact, although slightly worn.

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The serial number, according to browning, means that it was made sometime between 19.

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Val Browning's SST remains one of the very best and most reliable such triggers ever designed.

Browning Superposed guns have been offered in all gauges from 12 to .410 guage, as well as in multi-barrel skeet sets.

Colt Government Model MK IV Series 70 Stainless Steel customized target pistol.

Custom parts include a Clark 6" barrel with slide extension, adjustable trigger, Swenson ambi safety, Bo-Mar adjustable rear sight, extended slide stop, speed shoot magazine well extension, full beaver tail grip safety, deep checkered flat main spring housing, and weighted wood grip panels.

Dated 1953, with an "A' suffix serial number, this is one of the later production guns. No "GERMANY NOT FOR EXPORT" stamp, so this is likely a captured bring back.

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