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I'm funny, quick - witted, caring, will help anyone in need if it's possible...

Obama was not born into substantial wealth, but his family on both sides was well connected, providing a traditional advantage that allowed him entry into elite society.

But the real moment of clarity in the first Year of the Trump comes as America realizes just how incompetent and phony Barack Obama was.

They used junk science — or no science — to justify misbegotten crusades against dietary salt, trans fats, and electronic cigarettes.

They cited phony statistics to spread myths about a gender pay gap and a rape crisis on college campuses.

"Democrats in Washington have been horrified by this president's handling of things for a year and a half now," Scarborough said.

"The top Democrats in the United States Senate have all told me individually, 'This guy has no idea what he's doing.'" Trump and Science.

Someone who is intelligent and can appreciate the little things in life.

Someone that is not always looking for greener grass, but can be content with a man that cares for her.

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