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In general, you're not contagious unless you're shedding, which is usually accompanied by an outbreak.

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If you care about yourself and the one you want to be with...will both be tested for everything...talk about all you know and have and be respectful towards each other.

The only true way not to get anything is to never have sex on any level at any time....does that not seem a little backwards and stupid?

I had an experience a while back in which a young lady informed me, prior to any sexual activity, that she had genital herpes.

She told me what she knows about it and suggested I do some research and educate myself. Question: How would YOU view a prospective sexual partner informing you of their issue, and how would you handle the situation? You'd be surprised how many people have misconceptions about genital herpes.

Are you afraid to tell a potential partner that you are infected?

Are you afraid you can spread this to someone else?

Of course it is responsible for one to let the other know if you have Herpes and to discuss all the pro's and con's of what you have and what you can or can not do.

It is a disease like many others and not one that if you touch a doorknob that a person with herpes touched that you will get it...gods sake!!!!

So it isn't always a case of withholding information from a partner. Maybe if we all would just take the time to talk and go slow enough to let our minds rule and not our genitals....we could control more of this.

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