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No wonder teachers often refer to recruiting Fairs as ‘cattle calls.’ At a bare minimum this school should have propped up a white-board displaying closed and open positions.To add insult to injury, you’ve just wasted the better part of an hour that could have been spent approaching the recruiting tables of other schools.A simple “yes” or “no” with a time written across your note and dropped in your mailbox will do. With or without an invitation to interview, don’t waste time in lines without their job openings displayed.

Recruiting-fair ‘speed-dating’ has its disadvantageous, but YOU can avoid this and other disasters by taking steps to look out for #1.

Here’s a few ideas that will help keep you safe: 1. Arrive a day early and put notes in the boxes of each school that has invited you to sign up for an interview.

This sort of information is openly included in ISR School Reviews.

You don’t need to have worked at a school to share what it’s like to recruit with them. To submit a Review of your recruiting experience, please rate all Rubric questions as a ‘1’ and describe your recruiting experience in the “Comments” section.

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Ask them to verify the position you are seeking is still open.

You may even get them to give you an interview time without waiting in line.

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