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Historical documents show that Greek, Indian, Arab, Egyptian, and Chinese doctors were aware of the condition, but none could determine its cause.

In earlier times, a diagnosis of diabetes was likely a death sentence.

In the 1960s, diabetes management improved significantly.

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In the early years of the 20th century, medical professionals took the first steps toward discovering a cause and treatment mode for diabetes.

In 1926, Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer announced that the pancreas of a patient with diabetes was unable to produce what he termed “insulin,” a chemical the body uses to break down sugar. Despite attempts to manage the disorder through diet and exercise, people with diabetes inevitably died prematurely.

The tissue typically comes from a porcine (pig) heart valve or bovine (cow) cardiac tissue. S., Caidahl, K., Larsson, P., Wallentin, I., & Berggren, H. Mechanical versus biological valve prostheses: A ten-year comparison regarding function and quality of life.

Sometimes it may be a homograft or allograft, which is a heart valve obtained from a human donor.

Learn more about mechanical heart valves and getting treatment. Presented at the meeting of the Society of Heart Valve Disease.

Diabetes has been affecting lives for thousands of years.They then injected it into dogs that had diabetes to improve their condition.Although insulin injection began to successfully combat diabetes, some cases were unresponsive to this form of treatment.Advances in technology, improved valve design and newer surgical techniques make heart valve replacement a common procedure at most major hospitals today.With heart valve replacement, your surgeon will remove your heart valve and implant an artificial (prosthetic) valve in its place.In 1921, scientists experimenting with dogs had a breakthrough in reversing the effects of diabetes.

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