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How did she find out about him putting the house on the market? He "gets it" when it comes to your intelligence and humor. Sure there is the physical attraction part, and that can't be denied, but a lot of chemical connection happens at the intellectual level, especially when it comes to the humor zone. So, if you are one of the funny ones, you have to be with another funny one. Living life, really living it, is about taking the road less traveled.Her neighbor saw the listing, and knocked on the door to tell her. It's my theory that there are two types of folks in the world -- serious ones, and funny ones. When the person you are with makes you laugh, a lot, they are keepers, right? It's about finding that little hole in the wall bar or restaurant, hiking trail, swimming hole, campsite, gallery, music venue, whatever, that you explore, with vigor.Bad Good Boy gets that, oh so well, and that's what makes him so damn badishly good in bed. He picks the right moment to make you the center of attention.

There's nothing better for a woman than when a man truly knows his way around downtown, and doesn't have to ask her for directions on where to go.

A man who loves to not only please, but who is really good at it is a keeper, no?

Moments like these are electrical, magical, and marvelous, and there's nothing wrong with it, at all, just as long as she's game.

A Bad Good Boy knows when that moment presents itself, and he hits his mark, every time, when she gives him the sign. He doesn't suffocate you with his own problems, and respects -- no worships -- your independence. A guy who goes on and on about his problems at work, his past girlfriends or exes, sounds more like a little boy who can't take care of himself than a grown man.

Bad Good Boys can be found, in droves, early in the morning, pumping iron at the gym, pumping up the hill in clusters clipped into their touring bikes, pumping their arms and legs in a lake, ocean or pool.

They want to be healthy, happy, wealthy, and wise, so they are committed to working, and working out, improving themselves, each and every day. He's extremely passionate, and always rocks your world.

Here's the worst part -- most Capital A Assholes are sociopaths, and if you see or sense one, you should run away from him as fast as your legs can carry you.

In the book , a sociopath is defined as someone who is all about "controlling others -- winning -- is more compelling than anything (or anyone) else." The book goes on to claim that 1 out of 25 folks out there are sociopaths.

I know one who broke up with his wife of just six short months.

When they got married, he conveniently forgot to mention that he registered the communal house in his name only, and when he moved out, he conveniently forgot to tell her that he put the house on the market before she had a chance to retain a divorce attorney. He loves to explore everything, and wants you to come along with him for wild adventures as his co-pilot.

" And he's going to find out, with you, so strap yourself in, and enjoy the ride. He looks amazing -- ok hot -- because he makes it a top priority to take great care of his body, but at the same time isn't full of himself (that's why he's not a Capital A asshole -- See #6).

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