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The ground floor masonry was molded from plaster and then painted while the upper floors feature applied half-timbering and textured paint that started out as white and had turned yellow over time.The interior is as interesting and richly detailed as the exterior.

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The house was in his basement and it was indeed the dollhouse from Gretchen's kitchen: a substantial mock-Tudor suburban house that replicated Gretchen's childhood home in Pittsburgh and still populated by the miniature mouse family Gretchen had dressed herself.

Although her family did not know who built it, I eventually recalled it had been constructed by Joen Ellen Kanze of White Plains, NY.

She often added her own embellishments to the commercial items.

Gretchen had sold all her other houses by the early 2000's (I knew her Howard Hartmann colonial house had been sold to Jane Haskell) but Gretchen kept this one because it was so deeply personal.

Five years later, he thought he was ready to part with it and he wanted it to go to someone who had known and liked her, rather than offer it for sale to strangers.

I wasn't sure which house it was when he first described it, but I suspected it was the one I had seen in her kitchen so many years ago.

It was both a first and a last for me, I can assure you.

In any case, it arrived safe and sound along with a large container filled with vintage building materials and all sorts of odds and ends from Gretchen's stash, including some components I used in the renovations to the house.

Mrs Kanze built one-of-a-kind dollhouses and because she was a good friend of Molly Brody's, she always got the booth right inside the doors at Molly's semi-annual miniatures show in Darien. Kanze was cheerful woman with a good sense of humor and she made the house to Gretchen's specifications.

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