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When you notice that your relationship seems to be stuck in one zone and you two won't be advancing to the next "act," there are telltale signs to confirm.When your relationship is at the stage where you two are walking a fine line between dating, being exclusive, maybe even getting engaged, you discuss how things will pan out on a daily basis.

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You're ready to chat with her about what that next phase will look like, but she shows no interest in opening a discussion.

When she's not quite as hopeful and excited to map out plans for how you two will advance as a team, she might not be ready to move forward to the next level.

With all that it takes to maintain a healthy relationship, moving forward is a great thing.

It's a sign that things are going well and you both are in it for the long haul.

Suzanne Clothier says it best, “Connection is about two minds working together.

If the connection is not there between you and your dog, you will be unable to direct him, help him or really train him.” Awareness or being aware of your dog will create respect, and a mutual respect at that. You need to mean what you say and say what you mean. I haven’t met a dog yet that can speak English, but that doesn’t mean they can’t communicate with you- you just gotta pay attention.Keeping a relationship fresh and interesting is all a circus act.In one area, you're juggling your emotions, trying not to let one slip and knock your mate over the head; in another area, you both are trying to keep all the plates of your lives spinning so you have time to nurture everything at once.Many of you that follow Jay Jack and his style of work with dogs, all know how infamous he tends to be with his awkward “one-liners”.Well, during one of our many in depth dog training discussions, I got another one of those quotes that just kind of “stuck” for me.I can talk all day about how weight pull is driven by having a healthy relationship with your dog, but I want to know WHY.

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