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See what the current harvest totals are for pink and sockeye salmon.------------------------------------- Alaska salmon harvests exceeds forecasts Total harvest stands at 209.9 million fish, up from preseason forecasts of 204.6 million fish, but according to the Alaska Seafood Market Information Service the harvests could have been even larger.

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Fishing is winding down, but continues in Southeast, Kodiak and AYK, mostly for coho, late runs of keta, and late running sockeye in Southeast.

Coho sockeye to date has been lower than forecasts, with landings amounting to 3.7 million fish, while chum salmon landings statewide has reached 22 million fish, compared with the 16.5 million fish forecast for the full season.

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Keta salmon appear poised to post the second-best harvest on record, while the sockeye harvest currently ranks eighth-best all time.

Coho harvests are far ahead of last year, but this year's harvest ranks in the middle of the pack historically.

For a breakdown of the season summary for Bristol Bay, go here.

------------------------------------- Fishermen haul in 4.3 million fish within a week The 2017 Alaska salmon harvest stood at 214.2 million fish, as of Sept.

11, according to an update by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) and the Mc Dowell Group.

Alaska's summer salmon fishing season is nearly complete but fishermen still managed to harvest 4.3 million fish since the previous week's summary.

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