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The Impact rankings of teams remained similar to what it was in the past. RCB did a little better than previous years, while MI surprisingly slid a bit, despite retaining many of their key players.RR dramatically changed its slant of being a “smart buyer” of cost-effective players and bought some of the most expensive players this year, but consequently did not get their balance entirely right. The biggest mistake made by some teams was their continued preference of batting talent over bowling talent.

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SRH has gone to second place (so CSK tops the chart now).

KKR and RCB have both slid down a bit, enabling MI to go up, to third place.

Unfortunately, they were wildly off-the-mark, as not only did they select the poorest form players (as a unit) this year, but theirs is also among the weaker bowling sides.

The current match-ups suggest they will struggle the most among all the teams this year, as they have so many times in the past.

DD’s mistake of going after batsmen at the cost of bowlers was not a new one either.

The French don’t play cricket but their saying is the most apt here – the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Yuvraj has done very little in the last two years to be thought of in this context here.

They have the iffiest set of X-factor players this year.)Prediction: Would overachieve if not in the bottom two.

The above, of course, assumes that every team will play to potential and no one underperforms or punches over their weight, which rarely happens.

But due to the larger sample size of matches, about 75% of the time teams do cumulatively fit these expectations.

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