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I've also gotten their short ribs, chicken cutlets, osso bucco, and sausage - all great.Into the back pack it all goes and onto the next shop.Madonia's Bakery is my favorite place to pick up bread.

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But their plain round loaves are great and make excellent paninis. and picked up some Dominick's sauce and olive oil before hitting Casa della Mozzarella (around the corner from Full Moon).

Cd M has by far the absolute best fresh mozzi I have ever had. If you smile and ask nicely, they'll usually give you one to taste.

A little further down on the right side across from the church is Borgatti's.

Fantastically fresh pasta, cut to order, in addition to ravioli and manicotti.

But you can't deny the quality of the meat and the guys behind the counter are pros.

The order for me this time: 8 veal cutlets pounded very thin, 2 pork chops, 1 lb veal stew meat, 2 rib eyes, 2 strip steaks, a chicken cut into pieces, 1/2 lb prosciutto.

I love this place as much for the atmosphere as I do for the pasta.

You won't notice it when you first get there, but strike up a conversation with anyone who works there and the atmosphere seeps past the counter.

I've posted before about Arthur Avenue (Little Italy in the Bronx) but I didn't have a fancy camera at the time, so there were no pictures.

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