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I was told that they will change your EDD at 12 week scan if it is out by 7 days or more.

At 20 weeks scan, they will only change it if out by 14 days.

surely they should err on the side of caution and go with my earlier date, A similar thing happened with my 1st DS and he was born 7 weeks prem, or was he?? This seemed biologically impossible, I accepted their date but in my head I was convinced I was right, I set my heart on my date, and this was a bad idea as it came and went and I was induced 5 days over their predictions (I had a high blood pressure otherwise I would have preferred to go by myself ) So, go figure!! as to letting work know, you can do this , just tell them that the due date is not yet confirmed - it's not likely to change by several months is it?

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We at MUMS understand that the first few months of pregnancy can be quite an anxious time for many women with various concerns as to whether the pregnancy is developing normally or that it may result in a miscarriage or even an ectopic pregnancy.

An ) provides reassurance in this very early stage of your pregnancy.

1) I cant let work know when im due for another 2 months and I cant work out when I can start maternity leave.

2) if they go off the scan date and I go overdue, its possible I could potentially go nearly 4 weeks overdue!! hi i does seem like they did your scan a little early i had mine at 13 weeks and i was told i was a head of my dates making me 14 weeks they changed my due date i had an early scan also when i was 10 weeks (i had some spotting)and was told i was only 9 weeks so i could be they scaned you to early but they normaly are pretty accurate i wouldnt worry to much it might change at your next scan i also had this happen in my last pregnany i was put a week back then to i know what you mean though with this one my dates now don't add up because it puts my conception around the time i was on my period very confusing its only ever a guideline hope that helps liz xxx I was 2 weeks out too, I went for my 12 week scan to be told I was only 10 weeks and to come back in 2 weeks!! i was out back 10 days but have to say that my periods are pretty irregular, though noone bothered to ask me that when they whipped out their little round conception to birth calculators so i actually have more trust in the sonographers myself.....

the scan said I was 9 weeks and 5 days and because there is a discrepancy of more than seven days they are going off the scan date instead of my dates. I found out over 7 weeks ago that I was pregnant, so if I am only nine weeks, is it possible to find out when you are only two weeks gone?

They are now saying it is up to my consultant to decide the due date, when I see her end of october, This throws up 2 probs for me.

From this measurement we can work out how many weeks and days preganant you are (this early measurement is approximate for dating).

If a fetal heartbeat is present the risk for miscarriage at this stage is reduced to approximately 5%.

Your ultrasound scan will be carried out by one of our highly qualified professionals in a caring and comfortable environment.

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