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So what would a fictional dating dystopia look like?

In its fourth season, the Netflix series “Black Mirror” makes a pretty good guess.

Exclusivity and intentionality are ancient rituals, things of the past, and misplaced hopes.

Maybe all the suggestions and advice you’ve collected has become a confusing mess of good-intentioned contradictions and ambiguity.

Traditional ways of meeting new people--through friends, family, Church and social gatherings--no longer meet the needs of our changing single population and tend to limit the number of potential relationships and connections.

Online dating options abound for people living in Boston.

Large online dating communities like Cupid.com, and American actually have their own sections for Boston dating.

One of our most precious pursuits, that of a life-long partner for all of life, is tragically being relegated to tweets, texts, and Facebook pokes, to ambiguous flirtation and fooling around.

Therefore, only he can prescribe the purpose, parameters, and means of our marriages.Users would input the times they had available to meet up and preferred locations.Do the contestants on “The Bachelor,” who are doing pretty much that, seem well-adjusted to you?In real life, not only do daters experience bad matches (someone who doesn’t like you, you don’t like them, or you clearly both don’t like each other), but they also endure the heartbreak of good matches with bad timing (such as one person being off to a job or grad school in a different city).Nothing in my life and faith has been more confusing and spiritually hazardous than my pursuit of marriage.I experimented too much with our hearts and allowed things to go too far.

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