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The highly regarded vintage brands of Telefunken, Mullard, Amperex, and RCA come at an appropriate premium price over other brands.While this higher price is justified (these tubes sound wonderful and are very long lived) other vintage brands are often just as good.

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Excerpt from Audio THE 12AX7 preamp tube The 12AX7 is a high-mu twin triode which operates in typical service as a class A amplifier, in the preamp stages of high fidelity, musical instrument, and public address amps, as well as professional line and microphone preamps, and many other audio and communications devices.

The demand for the vintage USA and European versions of this tube are beginning to outstrip the supply, and, as a buyer, you need to carefully consider what is available, the device you will use it in, and what your budget allows.

Grass Instruments also had a yellow tip version which was even lower noise, but they are rare and difficult to find these days.

All of the red, yellow, and blue tips are incredibly quiet and very three dimensional in sound.

Telefunken tubes have a diamond shape molded into the glass on the bottom center of the tube.

The most desirable of the Telefunken ECC83 tubes is the "smoothplate" or "flatplate" versions.

They are the EXACT same tube regardless of the label.

Watch for the rare Telefunken smoothplates with a cloth label on the glass marked "selected tube".

Most tubes with ECC83 listed on the label are European, and the ones in demand are Telefunken, Amperex, Mullard, and Siemens.

More difficult to find but worth seeking are German made Valvo and the early Holland made Philips Miniwatt and Philips "SQ".

The older versions have blackplates, which are often preferred by audiophiles.

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