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' " my friend texted on a recent Tuesday while I was riding BART. For the past week, I realized, I had been too busy living "The Bachelorette." I'd been juggling guys and dates in a refreshing whirlwind of activity that, until recently, had been entirely foreign since I'd re-entered the singles scene almost a year ago. Census data show there are more single men than single women under 65 (though in San Francisco that doesn't necessarily mean single men who want to meet women).

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This article has been corrected since it appeared in print editions.

Maghan Mc Dowell is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Chronicle staff writer Carolyne Zinko contributed to this report.

But why it has all but replaced a time-tested mating ritual remains a mystery.

Until we crack the courtship code, one thing's for sure: While tech isn't really the problem, it has certainly provided a solution.

After a 30-second setup that pulls photos and basic stats from a user's Facebook profile, users scroll other Tinderites filtered by age, gender and geographic proximity.

With each profile, you can see shared friends and interests, browse photos and swipe left for "no," right for "yes." When two people say "yes" to each other, the magic happens: You're given the power to chat.

I'm working on working on something that may or may not work.

How do you feel about dating sites or what are your successes/frustrations/etc.

is a trusted and reliable site where you can browse nearby members by age, interests, physical and more, whether you're in the Mission, Nob Hill and Pacific Heights, or neighborhoods like Chinatown, Tenderloin, Haight-Ashbury or Yerba Buena.

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