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It's not a mean thing - It's a beautiful thing especially if you keep in contact with the group after moving on to your Ne Xt Chapter.

Another purpose of the group is to connect (and not disconnect) with people similar to you.

THIS IS A ROLL CALL FOR WOMEN ONLY to meet other women at the same point in life. There is always someone having their 1st meetup or two people who have been attending the meetups for years just meeting each other at a group's meetup for the 1st time.

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This group puts a twist on your ordinary women's group while emphasizing real friendships are “built” in person and not behind a computer.

The $4 annual non-refundable membership contributions must be paid before the end of your trial period as a "Chapter Next" member. The age preference is from current 40-46yrs "young" women being more likely to be more pressured by other folks to get expiring eggs fertilized ASAP (and that includes folks who said they were never having children but did.

Look out for the Next Steps email once you submit your profile questions. Now if you're here to build long-lasting friendships with folks in the DMV you have something in common with, keep reading otherwise Bye Bye. Along with leaving the Drama at the door, leave the “Woe Is Me”, " Group-Think", and Fakeness at the door because we are individuals and here to have FUN (Ok you can keep the weaves and nails).

And if you are leaving, why don’t you start a meetup group to your liking…. preference in the group is for never married ladies 43-60 with no kids but all types of born female singles with no kids are welcome(some current members in their mid-30s have been grandfathered in). So there is no confusion, women in relationships are welcome as long as the IRS thinks you are single.

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