Naked horny woman live video free - Dating someone who smokes marijuana

Ok none of anything that one person said was helpful at all.This question is not stupid or something to look down on.Let me start by saying that there's a huge difference between someone who uses meth & someone who cooks it!

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Well you need to imagine what that drug does to an adults brain and then imagine how a being with a small developing brain could be affected by those chemicals! However, of the exposure was accidental and has now stopped i.e you didn't know you were pregnant, you should consult a proffessional.

The general consensus is that exposure of drugs to a foetus is defintely not a choice to make, but that if unavoidable it is very hard to predict if the baby will be attected.

Seriously next time if someone really has a rude comment on someones question maybe try skipping it.

Your comments are waist of time thats true what that person is saying cuz i have very same proble an stupid me went an have a child 4 himan he never has the time to carry him no where if he works all the money goes behind his habit so waist ur time wild u could get out of it do it noe Exactly, no offense but she never asked for relationship advice.

Drew say that it's possible to pass it through intercourse.

I don't know where you get your information, but please stop talking as if you know what you're talking about when you obviously have no clue!He doesn't smoke it but his room smells weird after he uses. After he left she said he was spreading his semen around and I was probably pregnant. I'd really like to know more about the effects of second hand exposure to meth because I just found out my soon to be ex-hubby been using it in our house for about a month or so. Sex offenders DON' T CARE whether or not u want a condom or not.and trolling the forum pretending you got pregnant while on meth is horrible. I've had all kinds of strange things going on with me that all started about the same time. I want to know if its possible to get high from someones semen because my fiance is a frequent meth smoker and i gaave him head and swallowed and withing a short period of time my heart was racing my hands were numb i had a ringing in my ears and shortness of breath not to mention i could not stop grinding my teeth. So keep harsh comments to your self if u don't know.i think you are very brave to get on here and ask a question like the one you asked,and as far as what some of what these other ppl said to you i would have to say i disagree with them.I think you should stand by your man and what you beleive in,of coarse use protection untell he can come to a place in his life where he is ready to settle down.Giving unwanted advice is very harmful, especially if you're not properly trained and know the situation and persons involved. " It was a long time ago but this man came into the apartment I shared with my roommate, a woman.

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