Dating to relationship poem

Judy Konos' C'est La Vie 11/5/2014 The give and take in love should reach a mean whereby the two be equally disbursed, so givers' hearts would never suffer lean, cold hungry hours without love reimbursed.

O daughter of thunder, speak poetic words of comfort and I shall return to thee with all mine heart. ) helping himself to my goodies without EVER cleaning me out or scrubbing me from top to bottom Doesn’t he know a woman has NEEDS? You were speaking to our neighbor, and though I couldn't quite hear your conversation, I heard your laughter.

A reflection of the coloured pencil drawn sky skates on the glass smooth surface below it. Then there’s that stupid stove next to me who’s constantly flirting and making passes Says he wants to ‘warm me up’ and ‘defrost’ me bragging that I’ve ‘got the hots’ for him which absolutely makes my Freon boil! You were just being your dynamic friendly self, one of the many reasons I fell in love with you so quickly; your passion for life, your willingness to aid anyone who needed a helping hand, and a sensual presence larger than life.

© Connie Marcum Wong I lounge lazily on my deck chair up high in the spacious loggia loafing the time away, patient, waiting..... I surely hope I’ve made this crystal clear: I have no oddball quirks; I’m truly blessed with wholesome traits that, I feel, should endear me to all those who criticize and jest!

The ocean flows into the small bay as the sun sets far away over the horizon. FICTIONAL (well--some of it)) Date written and posted: February 6, 2018 Contest Title: Quirks Sponsor: Madison Demetros Don’t you ever forget that I’m not your puppet!

You took my love for granted, and got everything you ever wanted.

Well, marionette maker, let me tell you what's true, no more dancing to your tune as I've had enough of you!

Like an inferno that ravages a man's spirit, scattering his remains to the four winds- would all mem'ry of us then cease? March 19 2015 Armand if you wanted to dance with me i mean really wanted to dance with me then i would i would dance with you if you needed me to walk on water i would stand there until the lake froze then i would i would walk on water for you if you suggested i climb a mountain warm at the bottom freezing at the peak i'd buy you a snow globe turn it upside down and up hold your hand warm watch the freezing snowfall climb your suggestion creatively if you mentioned you'd like me to paint your portrait i'd buy every different colour of acrylic paint I could find blend them on a canvas paint your colourful internal portrait every crayon in the box that's who i see if you said move me i wouldn't hire a truck or even touch one stick of furniture i would write this poem for you put a bow on it fingers crossed i would move you your lips are always on my mind if you want a man willing to do... gentle but firm i'm here ring in hand on one knee November 28 2016 -rearranging the stars- How could we agree to separation?

Remember the days of yore when love govern'd our ev'ry move and lush lyrical gardens were ours to delight in. If you were destined to be my soulmate, Why would we allow the stars to change our fate?

From below electric lights flash on one by one and guitars are strummed. because I check the stove repeatedly (I must be SURE it’s off! They’re irked at me when I repeat myself five times a day. I’m not a toy on a string that you can manipulate, so you can walk right back through that gate.

The smell of paella wafts up towards my rumbling stomach, but I sit on, unmoved, immobile, waiting. Slowly she pirouettes on her dainty toes, her skirt resembling a veronica, like a cape that baits the bull in a Spanish bloody arena. You thought you could simply bark out commands, and I would just yield to your demands.

Mindless to whatever is there in humanity Only ever with you...

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