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The Hap Map Utah European American sample and the Nigerian Yoruba are very suboptimal for people with eastern African background.

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N = 5 is better than N = 0 in these cases of extreme undersampling.

Before I proceed to methods and results, I want to note that I put up most of my files here.

I combined the two latter populations into “Baltic.” Syrians and Jordanians were converted to “Levantine” in the bar plots.

I left Saudis, Yemenis, and Yemeni Jews disaggregated.

The results for African Americans may not be very detailed and rich, but they’re probably pretty accurate at the level of grain which they’re offering results.

Though I’m happy to give people of Northeast African ancestry more detailed results than 23and Me, one of my motivations for the African Ancestry Project was to obtain a data set which would allow me to explore the genomic variation in the east of Africa myself.

You don’t have to look far to find the best evidence for the Creator. With a microscope, you’ll find a billion more powerful evidences that patrol your blood every day—your feisty white blood cells, which could only be the handiwork of a Master Designer.

To survive, we require a specialized pump that can deliver life-giving blood to all our body parts, day and night, year after year, without fail.

Finally, I added some individuals from the AAP: all the people from the Horn of Africa who are unmixed in ancestry, as well as my Nubian individual.

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