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A newly found volume of apparently hand printed color woodcuts - each one of a kind - raises new questions about the art production of Henneberg also regarding his collaboration with other artist such as Carl Moll.

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), and above all, about the date range given by the watermark: is it that strongly datable, ca. What references should we get to learn more about it ?

On the another hand, we have some more documents that contain French watermarks, possibly well dated; nevertheless we know by our readings that there might be a time difference between the purchase of the paper in that time, and its effective use.

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Please send us your questions & answers and further information - more than one answer is most welcome! Its on laid paper with the Watermark I illustrate attached as a pdf. I have read the the Van der Ley paper was produced as early as 1673 or possibly earlier and on the death of GP the father, the family continued to produce laid paper with a variety of Intials. (partial) Sorry its poor quality - I didnt want to trace as this can leave marks. ), and we found many documents that could not be dated.

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