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"My initial impression was that he didn't dress up for the date enough," she says.

"I liked him, but it definitely was not 'yup, this is The One.'" The guy actually emailed her afterwards to say that he'd had fun, but hadn't felt any spark.

E-cards - make some fun connections E-cards are another great way to communicate and connect with people on the site or to send greetings to friends outside the Spark community.

That's right, you can send E-cards to anyone you like!

Yet, she recently admitted she has a 'guard up' when it comes to dating, in an interview with Marie Claire.

Whether you're simply looking to have a great time, seeking a serious relationship or are returning to the dating scene after some time away, Spark is the place for you.Members Online See photos and profiles of everyone who's online when you are. Dial 1-888-854-3803 for friendly and knowledgeable assistance. Spark makes it easy to keep track of everyone you meet with our “Hot List” feature. Spark Consultants are here to answer your questions and help you find who you're looking for. Why not expand your social scene, explore new possibilities and enjoy exciting adventures? Appearing on KIIS FM Breakfast in Australia, he said: 'I'm a very single man.You know, I'm 24 and travelling the world and that's the way it is.' Meanwhile Hailee was thought to be dating Cameron Smoller, with the pair first linked in January 2017.But Sabol told him she thought it was too soon to tell, so three weeks later, they met up again for hot wings and Bloody Marys. The couple is now married and living in Racine, WI with two kids.

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